Introduction to Cybersecurity and Privacy
Starting with the basics, learn what you can do improve your security and privacy.

Security matters. Privacy matters.

Cybersecurity and privacy overlap, both online and off. This page is designed to guide users interested in personal online (cyber)security and privacy a comprehensive place to start taking steps and actions to improve their security and privacy postures. Advice here is actionable.

Basic Cybersecurity steps

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Taking "bare minimum" security steps improves your personal cybersecurity posture (and by extension, privacy). These steps make up the basics of (cyber)security for most people - even before getting into threat modelling.

Users should a strong foundation on basic security, such as using solid password management practices, using multi-factor authentication (MFA), and keeping software/firmware up to date prior to using more nuanced cybersecurity (and privacy) tools, techniques, and practices.

Start improving your security