avoidthehack! Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy was last updated: 14 SEP 2020

As a website that promotes end-user cybersecurity and user data privacy, avoidthehack! respects the privacy of all visitors.

As a testament to this, we will keep our privacy policy short and easy to understand.


The blue box below has its own scrollbar. Scroll down to the bottom of the blue box to opt-out of our site analytics.

Information we collect

avoidthehack! uses Matomo for analytics. We self-host Matomo on our own servers, so that all information remains in house.

Matomo is a privacy-friendly analytics software. It is GDPR and CCPA compliant. The information we collect via Matomo is totally anonymized.

If your browser sends a DO NOT TRACK (DNT) request to our website on your behalf, we honor these requests by default.

We DO NOT collect IP addresses or precise geo-locations.

Any other personal data we collect, such as your email address, is only via user consent such as when you fill out our contact form.

How we use your information

The information we collect via Matomo is used to further improve avoidthehack! for all visitors.

What contact information you may give to us is used to provide a response and/or contact you, ex: in response to a question you may ask.

avoidthehack! DOES NOT sell any personal information... because there's nothing to sell.

If you would like to remain anonymous when sending us a message, you do not have to use your real name or email address.

Please be aware that if you do not use your real email address, we won't be able to respond to your message.

Any update to this policy will be made readily available to users on our homepage.


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