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Privacy Tools

Privacy Browsers

These browsers both respect your privacy and help prevent websites, web services, and web apps from tracking your browsing activity across the internet.

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DNS Providers

Trusted DNS Providers provide encryption (DoH) and other DNS security features while respecting user privacy.

Learn about DNS resolvers, both self-hosted and providers, and how selecting a privacy-centric resolver benefits your privacy.

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Operating Systems

The operating system is the command center of your entire device

Learn how popular operating systems are known to be not-so-privacy friendly and what you can do about this.

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Search Engines

Private search engines respect your privacy.

They don't track your searches nor try to connect who you are with what you're searching.

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Tracker Blocking

Trackers follow you around the internet, gathering all kinds of data about your activities.

Learn about different tracking techniques and the best way(s) to defend against them.

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VPNs provide a robust tunnel of encryption for your internet traffic.

Learn about the benefits and limitations of VPNs and how using one may benefit your privacy.

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Each tool found on this page contributes to your privacy in different ways. Be aware that some tools may not fit into your specific threat model - because of this, don't feel as if you have to utilize everything here all at once!

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