Privacy Tools
Use different privacy tools to help protect and maintain your online privacy.
  • Private Browsers
  • These browsers both respect your privacy and help prevent websites, web services, and web apps from tracking your browsing activity across the internet.
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  • Ad/Tracker Blocking
  • Trackers follow you around the internet, gathering all kinds of data about your activities. Many tracking techniques exist; learn the best way(s) to defend against them.
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  • DNS
  • Trusted DNS Providers provide encryption (DoH, DoT, DNSCrypt) and other DNS security features while respecting user privacy.
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  • Operating Systems
  • The operating system is the command center of your entire device. Many popular operating systems are simply not privacy-friendly.
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  • VPN
  • VPNs provide a robust tunnel of encryption for your internet traffic, mask your IP address, and navigate around geo-blocks.
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  • Secure Messengers
  • Secure messengers encrypt your messages and respect your privacy by not collecting/using/storing metadata associated with your communications.
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