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avoidthehack! does not display ads or currently participate in any vendor affiliate programs. We aim to keep it this way.

Your donations help cover the bills; stuff like servers, hosting, and relevant services avoidthehack! depends on to function.

Your donations also help pay for the time spent creating guides, reviews, and accurate posts that support user privacy. This includes site maintenance and updating important information across these posts.

Your donations might also buy the admin a coffee or two! ;)

  • Liberapay
  • Liberapay is an open, recurrent contribution platform based in France. It accepts many different currencies, using payment processors such as Stripe
  • This is the more traditional option, typically requiring some type of card.
  • By clicking the "donate" button below, you will be redirected to avoidthehack's profile on the official Liberapay website.
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  • Cryptocurrency
  • Avoidthehack! has multiple crypto wallet addresses to accept cryptocurrency donations.
  • Cryptocurrency provides relative anonymity for donors. Some users may prefer this option.
  • Clicking on the "donate" button below will show you ATH's wallet addresses for specific coins.
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Other ways to contribute

There are plenty of other ways that anyone can contribute to avoidthehack's mission!


Participate in the comment sections (you can also reach out to the avoidthehack! inbox)

Share ATH Posts

Retweet/Share/Pass around avoidthehack! posts on your social media. Specific platform doesn't matter.

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Feel free to link to any of the posts here on avoidthehack!

Spread the word!

Privacy is for everybody. :)

Available Cryptocurrencies

avoidthehack! has made several cryptocurrency addresses available for accepting crypto contributions.

Bitcoin (BTC) 1Dt5t2CZmzcsMs5Y8bEzYgHweimQ6864E3

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 1PA1BLNjMQsi9fyCYXFEvr5eQjdCuFY6g8

Litecoin (LTC) LRgpqZ9PYzvZ6reDZgCEKRTtdJmetjdwko

Ethereum (ETH) 0x7fbA80d8B27E9819033F15eaF900da0C85C22637

Basic Attention Token (BAT) 0x9DB9c2CDF393CCe171346bB186267d5fbA0e9f4b

More coins to be added in time.

Please note that these addresses only accept their corresponding cryptocurrencies.

Don't worry, we have plans for continually expanding contribution options in the future!

Thank you! Stay safe and amazing out there!

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