What's the Best Privacy Browser? - Comparison Tool

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Compare different privacy browsers and find the best privacy browser(s) for your use.

Usage instructions



Usage instructions

This is an interactive table. You can use it to help you easily compare the functions, features, and characteristics of different privacy browsers.

Search - The search function searches the cells of this table. For example, if you search for windows then only the browsers that are available for windows should show.

Sort - click on the column headers to sort by a particular column

Export - click on the copy or excel buttons to copy/download the table as an excel file

Reorder Columns - click, hold, and drag the column headers to rearrange the listed data to better fit your needs

Limitations and warnings...

This comparison table only takes into consideration the "vanilla" version of the browser listed, minus any extensions installed - unless the "vanilla" browser ships with pre-installed extensions.

NOTE: This comparison table utilizes Javascript. If you have Javascript disabled, then please consider enabling Javascript to use this tool.

Logo Browser Developer Engine Source code Telemetry Tracker Blocking more info Script blocking Fingerprinting protection Disable WebRTC more info Availability Sync Google services? Force HTTPS more info DoH support Extension Compatibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since TOR is configured to run on the onion network, that makes it a completely different animal from the browsers shown here. This isn't necessarily an overly "good" or "bad" thing - just that TOR is different enough not to be included here.

TOR has many unique characteristics about it, especially the technology behind the .onion network and its relay hops. It was decided not to include it on this table since it's so unique.

More information on TOR:

While this privacy browser comparison table aims to be an accurate and up-to-date tool, information can become easily outdated. Also, information may have been missed - after all, I wouldn't ever call this table "complete" given the evolving nature of web browsers.

Anyone is welcome to suggest an edit to this table. Comment below with your suggestion + relevant/credible link and let's have a look before adding it.


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