avoidthehack! promotes internet privacy and cybersecurity for all users.

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greencheck avoidthehack promotes privacy and cybersecurity principles

nospy avoidthehack doesn't collect/share/store personal information.

When it comes to their personal data, avoidthehack believes everyone has the right to:

  1. Know what data is being collected and/or shared about them or their devices
  2. Protect their information from being accessed and used by anyone else (to include private and public persons/enterprises alike).

Avoidthehack! (ATH) believes that maintaining privacy and security for all users (not just the "nerds," "geeks," or "IT people,") is important.

Everyone should have the chance to make informed decisions about how they share/protect their information on the internet.

avoidthehack!'s mission

Avoidthehack! understands (and strongly believes) that privacy is a fundamental human right; privacy should be respected both online and in the "real world."

Because of this belief, avoidthehack aims to have an impact on the current internet privacy crisis by enabling the "regular" user to preserve and retain their online privacy by highlighting actionable privacy and security practices.

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Who is behind avoidthehack?

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I'm Ashley, the "founder" or "owner" and who created avoidthehack by accident. I'm a combination of a technical writer and forever-learning privacy (and recently, security) researcher. I write most of the content here, with some input from the greater privacy and cybersecurity communities.

How is avoidthehack! supported?

If you feel strongly about avoidthehack's mission and want to help support, then there are multiple ways to support the site itself!

  • Purchase a service/product from our affiliated partners at no additional cost to you. Avoidthehack is completely transparent with what products/services are from affiliates on the site. If the button is orange, then it's an affiliate link - but it'll still be appropriately labeled as an affiliate. Learn more
  • Share the content you enjoy here with friends and family - privacy and security is for everyone!
  • Get in contact with your suggestions/criticisms about the content found on the site via comments, social media, or our email inbox.

avoidthehack ultimately made the decision not to display ads. We've yet to find a solution that fully and truly takes our users' privacy into account; as it stands now, we doubt we will ever find an ad solution that fits the bill. Hopefully the changing digital privacy landscape brings a positive change on this front!


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Avoidthehack doesn't promote/publish/review stuff for pay.

Despite using affiliates, where avoidthehack! might get a kickback if you choose to pay for a service/product from affiliated partners, avoidthehack is not paid to publish content found here.

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Stay safe out there!