avoidthehack! is for user (your) online privacy and security

What's the best way to avoid being hacked?

Our answer: The best way to avoid getting hacked is being aware of the information you're sharing both voluntarily and unvoluntarily online.

We help you with that by bringing to light security and privacy issues that are often born from convenience.

avoidthehack! promotes online data privacy and security awareness.

We publish articles, guides, and round up the best practices while you're doing your thing on the internet - whatever that may be.

We do our best to breakdown the technical stuff so that it's easier for you to understand and act upon.

How is avoidthehack! supported?

We're supported by affiliates. Read our affiliate disclosure statement.

We made the decision not to display ads. We've yet to find a solution that fully and truly takes our users' privacy into account.

If you're wondering how to navigate understanding data privacy, we got you covered.

The information we share helps you make more informed decisions about what data you share over the internet. Also, the security and privacy advice and tips we pass on are actionable.

With that said, even behind the scenes of avoidthehack! dont know everything there is to know about data privacy. Like you, we're always learning and we're more than happy to share any information we learn with our readers.

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Stay safe out there!