avoidthehack! Terms of Service

The avoidthehack! Terms of Service was last updated: 2 JAN 2022

This is applicable to the public services/instances that avoidthehack! hosts for all to use. Additionally, please also review the very short and easy-to-read avoidthehack Privacy Policy.

Like the avoidthehack! privacy policy, we aim to keep this ToS simple, short, and sweet.

Conditions of use

By using services provided by avoidthehack, you are therefore agreeing to this Terms of Service agreement.

If you do not agree with this document, then it's assumed that you will not use any service provided by avoidthehack!

Continued use of the general website assumes you have read and agree to the avoidthehack Privacy Policy..

Acceptable Use

By using any of the services provided by avoidthehack, you agree not to use any provided service in a way that will:

  1. bring harm upon avoidthehack's infrastructure or availability to other users (ex: using exploits to gain unauthorized access to certain parts of the site/service)
  2. launch web attacks on other persons/websites/businesses (ex: doxing individuals)
  3. violate the copyrights/intellectual rights of any other individual or businesses (ex: posting direct links for pirating purposes)

Additionally, users are solely responsible for any user-generated content they may post - this includes any ramifications that are real or imagined as a result of the user generated content. Some services that allow for user generated content are blind to our servers (such as our PrivateBin instance) - so yes, what you post in most cases is on you.


You agree that avoidthehack is not liable for any damages of any kind you accrue or cause by usage of our services.

You agree to not hold avoidthehack liable in any case where you cause damage to yourself, your devices, or any other persons/businesses and/or their infrastructure.

Changes to this agreement are to be expected and any changes made will be made visible to all users who visit our website, more specifically the Services page.