Fall has officially arrived!

This update covers the entirety of September.

Notable mentions from around the web

Hey, we're famous! (Except not really).

You might (read: will) find avoidthehack featured on a couple of other websites around the web.

For this month, we wanted to highlight Simple Cyber Defense's podcast interview of the avoidthehack founder, Ashley Simmons! You can find this podcast on a few different avenues as well:

Additionally, you can find us mentioned in a recent article over at NewTechRecycling.


This month, the following guides have been revised for updates and relevant content:


This month we also introduced the subdomain: https://scripts.avoidthehack.com where we plan to host specific scripts that relate to some of the privacy how-to guides you find on the site.

So far, we only host a simple bash script created by a kind reddit user for downloading the newest Librewolf appimage.

New browser review

We take an in-depth look at the Pale Moon browser in a recent review and assess whether it's a viable privacy browser alternative to some of the bigger, more well known names in the privacy community.

This concludes the September 2021 updates.

Stay safe out there!