July 2021 Content Updates

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Naturally, it's been a while - but in the silence that doesn't mean ATH hasn't been busy both visibly and behind the scenes!

This update will cover May - July.

RSS Feeds

You asked, and we (hopefully) delivered! RSS Feeds are online and come in two flavors - the standard .rss and Atom (.atom). Pick your poison and enjoy!

RSS Atom

Both feeds currently include the same posts that show up on the homepage of avoidthehack!. They don't necessarily include these updates or additions/modifications to other parts of the site as of yet.

New Privacy Tools Sections

We added two new sections under "Privacy Tools" over the last couple of months: DNS Providers and Operating Systems .

Browser Reviews

We took some time out to review the Iridium browser.

New Guide: Installing PiHole

You'll see PiHole recommended a lot here and maybe on some other online communities because it's a wonderful pieace of software that allows you to block ads/trackers on the network level.

It was only fitting that we showed you the simplest way to install PiHole on your (presumably, Linux) system.

New Posts

We covered why Incognito Mode/Private Browsing has never been enough to protect your privacy. We also covered how HTTPS relates to and plays a role in improving your privacy.

That concludes the July 2021 content updates.

Stay safe out there!

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