Summers coming to a close over here...

This update covers the entirety of August.

New "service" section: How-to guides

We've created a new section under "Services" where you can easily view all the detailed how-to guides we've published: Privacy How-to-Guides

Got a suggestion? Hit us up on Twitter, Reddit, or the contact page.

Private search engine suggestions

Both Startpage and Whoogle have been officially added to avoidthehack's private search engine recommendations.

New guide: Installing Librewolf

There seems to be many questions about how to install Librewolf... well, there's a comprehensive write up on how to do that now!. Additionally, you can view the r/Librewolf thread posted for further help.

If more help is needed, then avoidthehack encourages you to visit the r/Librewolf subreddit. Bug reports should be directed towards the official community Librewolf GitLab.

New posts

We cover the importance of DoH, DNSSEC, and QNAME Minimization when it comes to selecting/changing/using a DNS provider.

This concludes the August 2021 updates.

Stay safe out there!