April 2021 Content Updates

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This is what we've been up to in April 2021...

Launched the Privacy Browser Comparison Tool

Built with jQuery DataTables (big thanks to the devs behind that project), ATH launched the Privacy Browser Comparison Tool.

This tool is a table that aims to easily compare known privacy browsers. The table is highly dynamic, which easily allows for additions of categories, more browser entries, and future feature updates down the line.

ATH welcomes all to participate in the table. Suggest new browsers, fill-in unknowns, or correct existing information. You can leave a comment on the privacy browser comparison page or reach out to us on Twitter/Reddit (@avoidthehack or u/friendlyATH).

In the future, ATH hopes to offer more privacy related tools/services.

Browser Reviews

In April 2021, we reviewed the Vivaldi Browser and the Brave Browser . Both had notable pros and cons.

PiHole Blocklists

Posted what ATH believes are some of the best PiHole Blocklists out there.

Stay tuned for more PiHole related posts.

Website Tweaks.

In April 2021, I enabled some small but hopefully noticeable tweaks to the site.

  • Enabled the dates for when articles are posted. This was originally disabled due to how our CMS handled updates. At the heels of some user complaints to both the inbox and in comments, I think ATH has found a way to keep the update/published dates separate. Some published dates are still off, but rest assured it's still being handled.
  • Enabled lazy image loading for all posts. For the most part, ATH loads really fast. Only select, image-heavy posts had lazy image loading. Now, all posts have lazy image loading so loading times should be even faster.
  • Fixed some typos/formatting/link errors throughout the site - still working on it, of course.

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